Our efficient smash repair process ensures that your car gets back on the road as soon as possible.

Collection or Delivery 
Once your damaged vehicle is collected by our towing service or delivered by a vehicle recovery company, all your details are recorded by our friendly administrative team.

Courtesy Car service
According to your insurance policy, you may be eligible for a courtesy car. If this is not the case then Marko Smash Repairs Canberra will accommodate you with a vehicle that suits your requirements or help you to arrange a rental so that we take the stress out of the whole ordeal. We will explain all the details to you at the time.

Repair Quote 
A member of our fully qualified repair team will accurately assess the damage to your vehicle and provide you with a damage report that explains in detail all the repairs that are necessary which comply with your specific car insurance companies requirements. Marko Smash Repairs Canberra will be happy to answer any questions regarding this stage of the process.

With your consent and/or compliance with your insurance companies requirements, we will commence repairs to your vehicle. Fully qualified technicians will repair the damage done, dismantling parts as required and replacing with new parts if irreparable.  You will be notified of the part replacement costs. Inspections will be carried out by a certified assessor as soon as the repairs have been made to ensure a speedy approval.

Once your repairs have been quality assured, Marko Smash Repairs Canberra prepare your car for painting. We will match your cars paint colour as closely as possible using state of the art equipment and finish the job to a very high standard. You won't believe your eyes!

During the assembly process all new and repaired parts are refitted and checked for realignment and operation according to the manufacture and any resets that are compulsory are carried out. Relative to the the repair, further checks are carried out, for example, lights, fluid levels, tyre pressures, wheel torques, etc, to ensure that all our work meets our quality standards.

Delivery or Collection
Once your vehicle has been repaired, our friendly staff will contact you to organise its collection or delivery. Whether you are at home or at work, Marko Smash Repairs Canberra will endeavour to reunite you with your vehicle at a time that best suits your schedule!

If you find yourself stranded after a crash or collision call Marko Smash Repairs Canberra and organise a tow. We can tow all cars and vans and light trucks too, just be sure to inform us of the vehicle you want towed and we will endeavour to accommodate you.

Bumper Repairs
Our repair technicians can handle all bumper repairs from minor cracks and dents to major holes and tears. Where vehicle repair options used to be limited to either fast but very expensive or relatively inexpensive but meant losing your vehicle for days, times have dramatically changed! We can make most repairs in a day or two depending on the size of the job. Most repairs will be less than your insurance excess!

Chips & Scratches
Don't get vexed about unsightly stone chips and scratches that are caused by everyday use. Using the latest technology to accurately match your vehicles paint colour, we are able to eliminate any blemishes. We can match more than 50 thousand colours in house which dramatically reduces the time your vehicle spends in our workshop.

Buff & Polish
Although our buff & polish service comes as part of any chips & scratches repair service, it is something which is often overlooked as a specific service on its own! It's amazing how rejuvenated your vehicle can look with a simple buff & polish. Be rid of those unattractive colour fades that make your car look old and weathered! Our buff & polish service is carried out with the utmost attention to detail to ensure that your vehicle is transformed into that near-new look.